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President's Message

I remember the first time I rode the Drop Zone at Great America.  It was a new ride and everyone was talking about it.  While preparing to get in line and pretending that I was not afraid, I overheard a group of young adults appealing to one of their friends by encouraging her to “just say yes.”  I took that advice and got in line.  She did too.

Sometimes it takes a person to just say yes.  Saying yes opens a gateway to someplace you may not have been before.  Saying yes propels you forward, giving motion to your senses.  Overcoming a tendency to run from a yes opportunity is a necessary leadership quality.  Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Courage is an inner resolution to go forward in spite of obstacles and frightening situations.”  Leadership is that voice of encouragement saying “just say yes.” Start with saying yes when you can and when you should.

I survived that first Drop Zone ride and it was exhilarating!  Everything was fine.  I do remember feeling disappointed that it was all over too quickly.  Then I was energized when I realized I could get back in line and do it all over again.  And I did.

The end of the ride was not really the end.  It was an opportunity for a new beginning.  Life is like that; there are always new and exciting opportunities waiting for you to say yes.

For those of you that have already served in a Charter, Region, or State leadership assignment, you can get in line again.

There are things about our work together in ACSA that we absolutely can control; we control whether or not our service is deemed to be ordinary or “extra” ordinary.  As we prepare to join efforts for the upcoming school year, my desire for Region 7 is 1) unity, working together and believing in the power of teamwork, and 2) service, striving to provide excellent service to our school communities through the vision and mission of ACSA.

Making the ordinary extraordinary together,

Jeff Winfield,
ACSA Region 7 President (2018-2019)