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Every Student Succeeding Nominations

posted Dec 2, 2014, 9:28 PM by ACSA Region 7
ACSA Members,

It's that time of year to recognize students through ESS. 

Please complete the nomination at the link below by December 12, 2014

ACSA believes every student deserves equal opportunities to succeed. On every school day throughout California, dedicated educators and courageous students overcome tremendous obstacles to reach their goals of academic excellence. Their success is our success; their powerful stories are our inspiration.

ACSA’s Every Student Succeeding program honors students who exceed our expectations and the educators who support them along the way. We are proud to highlight these young men and women who have overcome great obstacles to succeed. They face life’s challenges head on. Their stories are remarkable and their futures are bright.

Purpose. The purpose of this award is to honor students at all grade levels who have succeeded, against all odds, beyond expectations or simply won the hearts of the administrators and other educators who helped them achieve their goals. 

Eligibility. The success of these students should be tied to the work of ACSA administrators and requires background information about how an ACSA member has contributed to the student’s success.

We know that other educators will also have made significant contributions to their support, including board members, teachers, guardians, community members, etc.

Nominees should be students who have made a special effort to succeed and have overcome obstacles such as:

    Returning to school
    Leaving a gang
    Improving their attendance
    Changing their attitude
    Overcoming physical and mental barriers

Need more information visit the ACSA web site at

If you need to send any supporting documents (newspaper articles, letters of support, etc) please send them to Mitzi Faulkner at

We highly recommend that you write the following information in Word before proceeding and then copy and paste it into the form in the appropriate space.
Tell us the success story in such a way that we get to know the individual and the team that supported him/her. If sensitive information is being disclosed about the student in the nomination process and should only be shared with the ESS  committee and not the public, please indicate the sensitivity of the information and mark so accordingly in your narrative. (You may copy and paste from MS Word)

Thank you for all you do for students!

Mother Lode ACSA Charter