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Retired Administrators

ACSA Region 7 Retired Administrators Charter

Retired Administrative Charter “RAC” 
April 2, 2019 
Old Mill Cafe

Present: Dennis and Kathy Sigona, Jerry and Christine Panella, Bill Draa, Mary Ann Sanders, Virginia Berry

The meeting began at 8:30 sharp!

1. Introductions

2. Old Business

Approval of Minutes: Jerry moved and Dennis seconded approval of February minutes as presented. All in favor. WE are not finding minutes from the November meeting. Perhaps Cindy took them? Jerry shared penciled notes he had taken at that meeting. Virginia Berry moved to approve and Kathy seconded.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

$1,834.34 as reports by Barbara (on vacation)
Mary Ann has offered to purchase 4 $25 gift certificates for the Spring Conference All approved.

4. Program: We are the Program!

    A. Kathy Sigona has been working closely with UCSF on writing grants related to fibrillation and blood     pressure.

    B. Cindy Murray will take minute for the May 7th meeting.

    C. Bill asked each attendee to tell about what their job was before retirement.

    D. Bill has been on a recent ride with a police officer in Manteca and visited the homeless. Very                 interesting experience!

5. New Business

Jerry reviewed list of current RAC officers and asked for nominations: Cindy will be asked to serve as the representative to Conference planning.

Barbara will be asked to continue as Treasurer, Kathy and Judy will be asked to continue as Social Chairs. We are looking for a member to Co-Chair. Cindy will be asked. If interested, we’ll find a different person to serve s Secretary.

Kathy Sigona suggested that we hold a few noon-time meetings.

This will be further discussed at the May meeting.

Our annual Region 7 Articulation meeting is scheduled for April 17th, at the home of Howard Holtsman. This meeting is held for current and incoming Charter Presidents.

Motion made by Dennis, and seconded by Kathy. Future raffle items will be offered at noon luncheons and will include: Wine, gift cards, etc.

End-of-year social will be held at Tresetti's, June 4, 11:30.

6. Adjournment:
The meeting adjourned at 9:28.