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Adult Education

ACSA Adult Ed Council Meeting 
Submitted by: Jared Hungerford, Council President

I.                    CDE Update (Carolyn Zachary)

a.       AB 2098 – Field team info went out to participants. First meeting 2/20. Participants from Adult Ed, workforce labor, advocacy groups for immigrants/refugees. Role is to decide how to measure Immigrant Integration.

b.      SSID’s – Starting in July all students without SSN will need an SSID. If they were in K-12 in CA, they have one already. Community Colleges will take these numbers at transfer to track transfer of our students. CDE working with CALPADS to make sure ASAP has place for SSID so it can flow to CASAS. Joint webinar from CALPADS and AEP to come in March.

c.       Funding Allocations – Apportionment is behind schedule due to switching to FISCAL. Six months of AEP (July-Dec.) apportionments coming. Federal funding not effected by the shutdown. Dept. of Ed. is funded.

d.      Amended WIOA grant award notifications coming due to carryover.

e.       WIOA reapplication coming out by end of February.

f.        New WIOA competitive grant application will be out in December 2019 and due February. Will include the P.D. plan, tech plan,etc., and each reapplication will have a repopulation of these plans and will require revisiting these plans to work on ongoing improvement.

g.       WIOA. If a student doesn’t want to share wage information, enter $1.  With an empty field, they will be counted as unemployed. For WIOA, every student has a barrier to employment.  No high school diploma can be marked, “low levels of literacy”.

h.      $18 million COLA in governor’s new budget for Adult Ed.

II.                  ACSA

a.       Has formed a mental health task force. To review policy and make policy recommendations/share best practices. Came from the fatal school violence task force, recognizing the high rate of mental health needs among students.

b.      Legislative Policy Committee – Adult Ed Rep Matt Russo stressed to them the need to speak of Early Ed-Adult instead of K-12 in ACSA in general.

c.       Legislative Update – Supports ongoing COLA for Adult Ed, will be mentioned in budget reaction paper. Advocating non prop 98 mental health money for schools/students.

d.      CCAE and CAEAA Credentialing Proposal – (See attachments for copy of proposal)

III.                CALPRO

a.       (See CALPRO 2018-2019 Highlights attachment)

IV.                CASAS

a.       (See CASAS ACSA Board Report attachment)

b.      Online training scheduled for February for Technical Assistance

c.       Core Performance/Employment and Earnings Survey. More training and technical assistance for the follow up survey will be provided. Training dates for the new survey are:  Jan. 15th (survey requirements overview with CDE/CASAS) and Jan. 22nd, 30th, Feb. 4th, Feb. 6th (implementing the survey and the student portal)

d.      CASAS Reading GOALS series ready for implementation for ABE and ASE.

e.       See page 2 of CASAS ACSA Board Report for Federal monitoring requirements in the areas of Barriers, Career Services and Integrated Education and Training.

f.        CASAS Summer Institute, June 11-13, 2019 at Orange County Hyatt.

V.                  OTAN

a.       (See OTAN newsletter and Online Workshops flyer attachments)

b.      Revolution English: Free for one year (2 classes per agency), English Coaching and Immersion Technology for ESL students. Utilizes Facebook Messenger

c.       OTAN Technology and Distance Learning Symposium – March 1st-2nd. Only $25 registration. More info on OTAN website at

VI.                CCAE/CAEAA

a.       CAEAA Conference Feb. 7-8 in Sacramento. See website for registration.

b.      CCAE Conference April 25-27 in San Diego. See website for registration.  2020 Conference will be in Sacramento April 23-25.

c.       CCAE to create a publication for the governor that highlights the connections between adult ed and early childhood ed.