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Adult Education Council Report

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Agenda Date:  11/9/16

Location: ACSA Leadership Summit, Hilton Bayfront, San Diego, CA

Time:   12:30 p.m.-5:00p.m.

Facilitator: Sue Gilmore (Joyce Lude absent)


Agenda Item


1.0   Call to order


Sue agreed to chair the meeting because Joyce was unable to attend.


2.0   Approval of May 13, 2016     Minutes

Motion to approve: Porter/Second: Bautista.  Motion passed unanimously

3.0   CDE Update


·       Chris Nelson-(Career & College Transition Division) He noted concern for the future of adult education funding through WIOA.  California utilizes a portion of WIOA to fund adult education while other states WIOA is the only funding source for adult education.

·       WIOA deadlines have been moved up this year.  Data reporting is now July 15, 2017 in response to federal guidelines.

·       US Department has released the English Language Proficiency Standards for College and Career readiness.

·       Webinar will be scheduled for assistance in completing the WIOA RFA as soon as it’s released.  More information to come.

·       Question was whether a consortium can apply for WIOA funds.  He did not see an issue if agencies want to do that.

·       He reported that the Department of Finance and the Legislative Analysts’ Office are aware of the word “grant” in the AEBG funding since schools report that district offices often interpret AEBG funding as “soft money.”

·       New funding available for technical assistance grand which is due Monday, 11/14/16.

·       Question arose regarding privately Charter Schools being able to compete with publicly funded adult schools.  Chris stated the Department of Education has not taken a stand though it is being researched.

·       Concern regarding teacher credentialing was posed.  It was noted that as an ACSA council we need to advocate for legislative changes to the requirements for adult education teachers.  CDE’s position is that the Ed Code is still in effect.  There are a number of administrators who believe that the coursework required for Adult Education credentials is valuable-in terms of training people to teach adults.  Chris will check on the publishing of the credential survey.

·       Question arose about aligning salaries among K-12 adult schools.  Some consortia are engaging in the work.  In most cases, the community colleges ‘wages are significantly higher than the K-121 counterparts.


4.0  ACSA Leadership Summit


The planning committee consisted of Diana Bautista, Joyce Lude, Jodee Slyter and Kathleen Porter.  Diana and Kathleen are filling in for Joyce Lude as the conference chair since she will unable to attend.  Diane and Kathleen provided an overview of the sessions that are planned for the conference on both Thursday and Friday.


5.0  Legislative Update


·       The legislative update was provided by Ivan Carrillo, Legislative Advocate, who joined the ACSA team in July.  Adult Education is one of Ivan’s assignments.  Ivan noted that six of nine governmental affairs staff members have been with ACSA less than a year.

·       Reminder that now if the time to build a strong and broad coalition for adult education.  Last year, Ivan Carrillo remarked that adult education advocacy points may have come later in the year and that the field did not seem to have agreement around key points.

·       The council recommended that Ivan reach out to Dawn Koepke, who has been doing Legislative Advocacy work for CAEAA and CCAE.  Council members also recommended that information about Legislative Action Day include adult education issues.

·       ACSA Governmental Relations staffs are creating a statewide plan in which administrators will be meeting with legislators year round. 

·       Legislative priorities for ACSA are being determined now:  Credentialing and Charter Schools were among the topics identified.  Other items for consideration requested by the council members are “grant” out if the title.  Growth and COLA were also brought up as priorities for adult education. 

·       Ivan expressed a desire to visit our schools and programs and encouraged Council members to invite him out to see our services.


6.0   Council Goals

·       Sue Gilmore explained that each ACSA Council is being asked to come up with goals for the year along with action steps. The Council agreed upon the following ideas for our Councils goals:

o   Work with other professional organizations to come up with a cohesive legislative platform for adult education for the year.

o   Increase communication with Adult Ed members across the state. 

o   Make adjustments to AEBG.   



7.0   Adult Education Affiliated Organizations

·       CALPRO - Catherine Green reported on CALPRO activities.  Please see three related handouts:  CALPRO 2016 Highlights and the 2016-17 Catalog for Online Options for Professional Learning, and the latest research brief, Adult Education:  What Makes Teaching Effective?


·       CASAS - Jay Wright reported on CASAS and WIOA activities.  Please see the related handout CASAS ACSA Board Report, November 2016. 


·       OTAN - Branka Marceta reported on OTAN activities.  Fall 2016 Newsletter available - Resources and information are provided on the topics of Digital Resources and educational technology solutions in Corrections.  The pull-out is a listing of OTAN workshops, face-to-face and online.


·       TDLS is in Anaheim, March 10-11, 2017, registration and call for proposal open -


·       The Digital Leadership Academy will assist agencies in meeting their technology integration, or online or blended teaching goals. The program is designed to be flexible in how agencies can best use the resources offered by OTAN to support their own agency goals. DLAC will be aligned to the Technology and Distance Learning Technology Plan filed by all WIOA funded adult education agencies. 


·       CAEAA – The CAEAA Conference will be held in Long Beach on February 2 – 3, 2017.


·       CCAE – CCAE is planning additional regional meetings this winter.  The southern regional meeting will occur on February 1, the day before the CAEAA conference in Long Beach. 


·       The CCAE State Conference will be held May 4 – 6 at the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach. 


8.0   ACSA Liaison Reports


·       Legislative Policy Committee – No report yet.  The first meeting will be held later this afternoon. 


·       Membership is higher than it has ever been at over 17,000.  Adult Ed membership needs improvement and is low.  Be sure all those in your area who should be members of ACSA join.  There is not a member from Region 1 who is a member of ACSA as part of Adult Ed.


·       At January meeting, Council will discuss whether or not ACSA Member Services can have a table to recruit for ACSA at various Adult Ed Conferences.


9.0   Region Participation/Building our Membership


·       Membership is higher than it has ever been at over 17,000.  Adult Ed membership needs improvement and is low.  Be sure all those in your area who should be members of ACSA join.  There is not a member from Region 1 who is a member of ACSA as part of Adult Ed.


·       At January meeting, Council will discuss whether or not ACSA Member Services can have a table to recruit for ACSA at various Adult Ed Conferences.



10.0  Remaining Meeting Dates for 2016-17

·       January 12 (ACSA Sacramento)

·       May 4 (ACSA Sacramento)



11.0    Roundtable Sharing


·       Council members present shared happenings from their regions (1-19).


12.0  Adjournment


Meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM.

2016-2017 Meeting Dates:                                                      

Adult Education Council Meetings

·       Date: January 12, 2017            Location:  ACSA Sacramento Office-Recorder: Region 17 Representative

Date: May 4, 2017                   Location: ACSA Sacramento Office-Recorder: Region 19 Representative

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