Classified Educational Leaders Council Minutes

Classified Educational Leaders Council Meeting Minutes 
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 
Hilton Bayfront Hotel, 1 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101 

Agenda Item #1: Welcome & Introductions
Lori Allred announced Jeannette McDonald was unable to attend and Lori Blodron, Region 11 - Representative facilitated meeting. Introductions - Round Table
l . Tatia Davenport - Staff Liaison - ACSA
2. Lisa Ketchum - Board Liaison - Region 8
3. Antonio (Tony) Romayor, Jr. - Region 18 Representative
4. Laurie Gabriel - Region 9 Representative
5. Lashon Rayford - Region 14 Representative
6. Julie Kauffman - Region 3 Representative
7. Nancy Clark - Region 17 Representative
8. Steven Johnson - Region 16 Representative
9. Lyzette Mendoza- Region 7 Representative
10. Lori Blodorn - Region 11 Representative
11. .Sylvia Alvarez - Region 8 Representative
12. Lori Allred - Support Staff ACSA
13. Corrina Santiago - Region 12 Representative
14. Jennifer Taylor - Region 4 Representative
15. Darlene Avalos - Region 13 Representative
Agenda Item #2: Volunteer to Take Council Meeting Minutes
Laurie Gabriel - Region 9 Representative volunteered to take meeting minutes.
Agenda Item #3: Review Agenda
Revisions: Change item #10 to indicate Jennifer Taylor filled vacant Human Resources Council position.
Motion to approve: Julie Kauffman - Region 3 Representative Second: Lisa Ketchum
Motion Carried: Unanimous
Agenda Item #4: Approve February 28, 2018 Minutes
This agenda item was tabled.
Agenda Item #5: Strategic Plan Review/Discussion 
Lori Blodorn introduced Tatia Davenport to facilitate discussion. Tatia reviewed a PowerPoint "Road Map for the Future 2018- 2019" and discussed the following priorities:
Overview of Plan Structure - Three Key result areas  
1. Member Development & Support
2. Advocacy & Influence
3. Org. Development & Sustainability

How would this group like to identify the needs that are represented by CEL?
• Enhance certification programs. Current roadblocks include; price point to attend ACSA professional development is too high. Many school districts are not willing to pay established rates to send their classified leaders.
• Certification programs are not offered in all key classified leadership areas. There is training for HR and Technology, yet not for areas such as Administrative Support Services. Further, define and review actual classified job families/classifications to determine what certification programs are missing. Classified leaders are also work outside of central offices; these roles need to be identified. Consider what positions CEL is not reaching that work outside of the central office.
• Mentorship Program. Establish mentors for CEL.
• Strive for increased district support and improve on communication efforts for classified leaders in order for them to participate in ACSA events/trainings.
• See if grants and/or scholarships are available to offset the cost of academies/institutes.
• Better articulate what ACSA has to offer classified leaders. There appears to be a lack of understanding of exactly what ACSA brings to the various job strands for classified leaders.
• Define cohorts and make professional development available online.
• Leadership Academy for classified; that was the intent of the Institute.

How do we identify leadership tracks?
• Create a website and other technology resources
• Better communicate what already exists
• Gather information; take an inventory of what trainings there are; identify gaps.
• Determine training modules for executive assistants; find content experts
• Align partners / coalitions together to take action and topics related to CEL
• Request guidelines from ACSA on how to shape/execute activities and events at a regional level.

How are professional development topics identified?
• Take an inventory of what types of positions there are
• Better articulate what a full ACSA membership look like
H: ACSA Members have access to a wide range of delivery formats to learn in the manner and at the pace preferred.
• The Institute is only face-to-face. Consider what content is best delivered face-to-face and what content can be provided online to expand services.
• Academic settings offer zoom (online) and face-to-face instructional opportunities.
M: Member Networking and Collaboration 
• Networking and collaboration varies considerably from region to region; very little collaboration seems to take place within CEL for some regions versus other regions.
• Consider developing tools to support networking
• Consider developing "How To" lists as thought starters to plan region CEL activities; e.g. a breakfast meeting.
• Provide a copy of an agenda/format as a model.
11:45pm - Break for Lunch
12:40pm - Meeting reconvened - Tatia reopened meeting.
Z: Clear roles, expectations, operating guidelines and suggested practices are in place for regions and charter.
No additional comments; previous input should be considered in this area.
AA. Committees and counsels are supporting implementation of priorities in the Strategic Plan within their areas of expertise.
No additional comments; previous input should be considered in this area.
Agenda Item #6: Discuss, Add, Edit and Approve CEL Council Goals for 2018 - 2019 for Submission to the ACSA Board of Directors
Agenda Item #7: Review and Update CEL Purpose Statement
• Lori Blodorn read the mission statement and asked for input. Motion to approve CEL purpose statement with two changes: 1) Take out the word "our" before the word students; and 2) change the word "their" to the word "the" before leadership team.
Motion to approve: Antonio (Tony) Romayor, Jr. - Region 18 Representative Second: Lashon Rayford - Region 14 Representative
Motion Carried: Unanimous
Agenda Item #8: ACSA's Resource Hub
Tatia reviewed the on-line Resource Hub
• If anyone has content, email to:
• Content received is reviewed and generally posted within two working days.
• Content includes articles, videos, flipbooks and other resources.
• Users of the ACSA Resource Hub may comment and discuss the content. They can rate the content and share out with other social formats.
• Users can recommend/link other types of articles they have read from that content area.
• This is a new tool
• Very aggressive marketing and contests
• ACSA members may aspire to be published. This venue offers an opportunity to be published. Submit to the content hub for consideration.
• It is essentially an online version of a magazine
• Partnerships with colleges are giving ACSA thesis type work in order to continue to support members with information.
• If you want to be published or share insight, CEL was encouraged to share out and submit.
• Government Relations "GR" team screens content received for consideration.
Agenda Item #9: 2019 CEL Institute Update
• Lori Allred asked CEL representatives to let her know as soon as possible if they are unable to attend CEL Institute.
• Lori distributed flyers and requested representatives to circulate in their respective regions.
• Regions were asked to submit $50.00 in gift cards. It was requested to break into 2 gift cards for $25.00 each.
• Lori asked if a new CEL representative would take over the raffle portion of the Institute. The previous CEL representative (Robin Beeson) developed an instruction sheet to assist new representative with raffle duties.
• Sylvia Alvarez offered to assume this responsibility at the upcoming CEL conference.
• The following suggestions were made:
    o Project a map of all the regions on the screen at the CEL Institute.
    o Use the ACSA territory signs as a way to identify the regions better for members.
    o Put maps of the regions around the room or on the walls so regions can meet together.
    o Assign a council member to take photographs of the event.
    o Continue to include ice-breaker activities. Last year's ice-breaker activity was great.
    o Have a photo booth so members can enjoy taking their own pictures.
    o Encourage everyone to bring their business cards so they can share and network after the Institute.
    o Share out pictures on social media with region and beyond after Institute. This could be a way to         recruit new members.
• Email Lori with any questions on the institute
• Questions on registration or whatever the case may be, contact Lori
Comments from representatives included:
• Planning committee did a fabulous job in getting speakers this year
• Location is great (Monterey Hotel is beautiful and right on the water.)
• Acknowledgment for Lori and all her hard work on the conference.
Agenda Item #10: Appoint New CEL Council Representatives/Liaisons to Committee/Councils
HR Council: Jennifer Taylor - Region 4 Representative provided a report.
• Most recent meeting was a strategic plan meeting
• Topics covered: Janis Decision and how it impacts the districts and the Noon Time Aides, their duties and how it impacts the districts
• Personnel Institute
• Negotiators Symposium in January here in San Diego
Member Services Committee:
• There is currently a vacancy to the Member Services Committee. Lori Blodorn requested a volunteer to fill this role. Responsibilities for this role include attending three meetings a year, one via webx, one in San Diego and one in Sacramento.
• Steven Johnson stated he would be interested. He requested to look at the dates to see if he can take on this assignment.
Legislative Policy Committee:
• Lori Blodorn shared that a legislative meeting was to occur right after this meeting so there was not a formal report.
Agenda Item #11: CEL Strand and the 2018 Leadership Summit - Subcommittee Update
Three leadership strands will be offered:
Thursday: 9:45-10:45 am - Lead with Resilience with your Heart, Mind
Thursday: 1:45 - 2:45 pm - Classified Leaders - Frame Your Success
Friday: 10:15 - 11:30 am - Future of Office Ergonomics - Kathy Espinoza
Agenda Item #12: Board Liaison Report
Lisa Blodorn reported the following:
• Board met after leadership assembly
• Excellent presentation from Lynda Hutenson
• Board authorized giving retiree committee $10,000 to go to Washington to advocate for these benefits for members
• Talked about school mental health
• Gun Safety
• Holly our president considering putting more task forces together on the priority areas. More resources for our families regarding mental health
Agenda Item #13: Region Reports
• Jennifer Taylor- Region 4 Representative reported out about emergency and violence resources and the incredible support received from ACSA during the recent devastating fires. People in Region 4 Lake County lost their homes.
• Jennifer also reported out about an active shooter incident that occurred during the middle of a junior varsity game. Two suspects were involved. It was a targeted situation. The school went into a lock down situation. SRO and neighboring police departments came to help. What supported the success during this tragedy included: 1) Good relationship with police department; 2) SRO on campus; 3) Knowing the students; 4) responsive administrative team. The team debriefed after the incident. They were informed that "everything went right" during this tragic situation. They were prepared. It's not luck- It's preparedness.
Agenda Item #14: Region Reports
• ACSA CBO position is being filled.
• Next meeting on Feb 27, 2019 before CEL institute 

Motion to adjourn: Julie Kauffman - Region 3 Representative
Second: Lashon Rayford - Region 14 Representative
Motion Carried: Unanimous
Meeting adjourned at 1:47pm