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Elementary Education Council

January 24, 2019 -- 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM 
School Visit & Council Meeting 
Lincoln Elementary, 3611 Bettencourt Street, Newark, CA 94560 

I. School Visit Purpose & Highlights 

  • Purpose: Learn about SEL practices from hosting school - Lincoln uses Dynamic Mindfulness Practices- - which is based on trauma informed practices. Dynamic Mindfulness integrates strands of research- Neuroscience, trauma, and somatic psychology, which focus on being Aware, Breathing, and Centering (abc’s). Every class has time during the day where they practice mindfulness led by students and every staff meeting starts with a mindfulness activity. The school uses a calming chime sound as a bell. Three is a focus on both staff and student mindfulness so staff also pays attention to their own stressors. Since implementing the practices discipline rates have dropped and learning has increased.
II. Council Business Highlights (Key Topics/Presentations) 
  • Updates from other Councils/Committees/Partner Organizations
  • NAESP - Mary and Scott will be going to the Region 9 meeting and we will bring back to the meeting in April
  • Legislative Policy Committee - Daniel Hernandez, reported moving forward with the strategic plan and next board meeting is end of February 
  • Preschool - Mary shared Gavin Newsom, new governor has a high interest in early childhood education. 
  • Council Member Updates - Members shared how meeting the needs of students with severe SEL and behavioral needs is still the number one issue sites are facing (this is the topic for our winter newsletter) as well as some ways sites are trying to meet those needs. 
III. Council Action (Key Discussions/Planning/Impact) 
  • New Council Presidents - Discussion of the process and next steps to happen with Terry and Ryan stepping down as president  for the Elementary Council. There will be some collective responsibilities by council members. Laura Butler and Eveline Huh are interested in sharing the lead of president. There will be  a vote electronically sent out to the Elementary Education Council members to elect Laura and Eveline to finish out the current term (through the 20/21 school year). 
  • NAESP National Distinguished Principal Process/Update - The council voted to change our process to advance the ACSA Elementary Principal of the Year as California’s nomination for NAESP’s NDP. NAESP is changing the criteria, starting next year, they will only allow to be nominated if they have been members of NAESP three years. Next year the council will need to decide how it will determine California’s nomination given this new criteria. 
IV. Council Follow-Up (Next Steps/Region Communication) 
  •  Winter Newsletter topic: Care for Staff and Self - Buck Roggeman (editor) will email the council asking for people who have not written articles this year to sign up for a winter newsletter article or summer article (start-up kit for school). When you submit an article, email Buck at . Include your name, role, and region. Remember to keep articles to 250 words, keep paragraphs at 2-3 sentences and, and people love list. Deadline for winter articles will be Friday, February 22nd. 
  •  Next meeting: April 4, 2019 at ACSA Ontario offices - 3602 Inland Empire Blvd, Suite A-230, Ontario, CA 91764, (800) 608-ACSA
Minutes available by request from Mary Gomes ( 
Next Council Meeting: April 4, 2019 (in-person, ACSA Ontario) 
Prepared by the Elementary Education Council under the leadership of Co-Presidents Terry Dunn & Ryan Peterson

New Elementary Principal Handbook

posted Jan 21, 2014, 10:53 PM by ACSA Region 7

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