Elementary Ed Council 1/21/15 Minutes

posted Feb 27, 2015, 2:11 PM by ACSA Region 7   [ updated Feb 28, 2015, 1:34 PM ]

Greetings All,

     We had our second of 3 State Elementary Education Council meetings on January 21st at Courreges Elementary School in Fountain Valley School District.  The reason we met there was for a school tour to see how they are implementing technology in the classroom, specifically Chromebooks and iPads.  The minutes of the meeting are attached, but below are some ideas from the tour that I was able to bring back and immediately implement at my site.  Enjoy!

  • Using the Chromebooks to access the Google platform and produce Google Docs and Google Presentations based on content learned in class.
  • Using the Chromebooks for whole class instruction.
  • They gave us a list of great educational apps / websites the teachers of the school came up with for us.  My teachers have begun using several of them.  This list was not in electronic format, but I could scan and email it separately if you are interested…let me know.
  • They use the Chromebooks in grades 3-6 and iPads in grades K-2.  The iPads are implemented as a “center” in the K-2 classrooms with each classroom having about 5 of them.  It was powerful to see this technology being used in all classrooms on a daily basis.  I am trying to find a way to purchase about 30 iPads for my school (easier said than done). 

Our final meeting of the year is on April 22 in Sacramento.  I’ll share that information with you when I return.


Sean Snider, Principal

Sutter Creek Elementary School

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