ACSA State Human Resources Council Meeting

posted Oct 13, 2013, 1:26 PM by ACSA Region 7
October 1, 2013 - Costa Mesa
submitted by Michelle Ryan

At 11:30 AM HRC President Carol Hansen opened the meeting by welcoming council members and introducing the new members and ACSA staff Karen Riseon and Sherri Black. She reviewed Council Bylaws, responsibilities and expectations.

As council members, we had the opportunity to give a brief description of our region and hot topics that our districts are having. As members discussed their hot topics, it became clear that the same issues were happening up and down the state; LCFF, Negotiations, Common Core, and Health Care.

Laura Preston, ACSA Legislative Advocate, gave an update on Assembly Bill decisions and information from Sacramento law makers.

She stated that several equity groups will be keeping a close eye on negotiations and settlements. ACSA is offering workshops on their website for assistance. As one of the advocates for parents and community, Education Trust has a bus touring California which may visit your district.

Assembly Bills reviewed:
  • AB375 (Vergara Lawsuit) - This Bill would make it easier to remove ineffective teachers regardless of seniority rights or tenure.
  • AB449 (Teacher Accountability) – Governor Brown has signed this bill which requires a superintendent to report teacher of employee misconduct to the CTC to ensure student safety.
  • AB729 – Proposal to treat Union Representatives and Union members confidentiality privileges
  • SB559 – This Bill proposes to change the date of the March 15 notices. Laura Preston would be interested in hearing any ideas.
  • AB657 – This Bill is CTA sponsored and addresses teacher evaluation changes
  • ACSA is in discussions with STRS due to an issue regarding whether a credentialed employee who was promoted to an HR administrative position is to submit a Retirement System Election form to CalSTRS for administrative credit. ACSA's argument is that credentialed is credentialed regardless of position. Laura and Sal are working diligently to resolve this issue.
Next council meeting will be January 21, 2013, in San Diego. The 2014 Symposium for Negotiators and Negotiation Teams will be held January 22-24. The theme this year is “Lighting a Course For the Future” (LCFF).

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.