4-17-15 Committee Meeting

posted Apr 17, 2015, 4:10 PM by ACSA Region 7

April 17, 2015


To:       Legislative Policy Committee Members


From:   Alysha Heatherly, Legislative Assistant


Re:       Agenda and Attachments for Committee Meeting


We look forward to our third in-person meeting on April 24th.   All pertinent documents necessary for the committee meeting have been uploaded to our website for your perusal. Please share the bill information for your subcommittee with your region and/or job-alike committee or council in order to solicit feedback prior to our meeting.  


Using the links below, please print the agenda and bill reports and bring them to our meeting next week.  If you wish to review and/or print the entire text of any bill within these reports, simply click on the bill number and you will be directed to a popup screen that will provide such an option. Links are also provided within the bill reports for any legislative analyses that may have been published regarding a bill.


Click here for: Meeting Agenda

Click here for: LPC Subcommittee Legislative Bill Reports


The LPC Review reports list bills that are earmarked for review and discussion at the meeting and are divided by subcommittee. You will only be responsible for preparing bill positions for the bills listed on your subcommittee report. You are, of course, welcome to review the other bill reports and should feel free to discuss any concerns or position suggestions with the appropriate legislative advocate staffing the subcommittee. If you are unable to attend this meeting and have setup an alternate to take your place, please forward this email to your alternate with instructions regarding the positions/comments from your region and/or job-alike committee or council.  One representative per region or committee or council is needed.


The Consent report lists bills that we either want to watch as they progress or we believe that the position we have recommended is straight forward, but LPC members are welcome to pull the Consent items off consent if you believe that discussion is needed.


Just a reminder that if you can’t attend this meeting, please have an alternate attend on your behalf, prepared to discuss your region and/or job-alike committee or council’s input with your subcommittee. Also, please inform, Alysha Heatherly (aheatherly@acsa.org) of the alternate’s name and email address by the morning of Thursday, April 23rd.


We appreciate your service on the Legislative Policy Committee; your involvement is instrumental in directing our lobbying efforts in 2015.  If you have any questions, please contact Alysha Heatherly ataheatherly@acsa.org.  We look forward to seeing you again on April 24th.



Alysha S. Heatherly
Legislative Assistant, Governmental Relations
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