Legislative Policy Committee Update - Julia Tidball, Region 7 Representative

posted May 1, 2016, 4:32 PM by Kristi Kirsch   [ updated Oct 29, 2017, 9:11 PM by ACSA Region 7 ]
Legislative Policy Committee Update
Julia Tidball, Region 7 Representative

On April 12, 2016 the third Legislative Policy Committee meeting was held at the Sacramento ACSA Office. The meeting began with Staff Reports on the following pieces of legislation:

  • AB 491 (Gonzalez) English Learner Reclassification-This bill would push back the requirement for CDE to provide an updated report regarding English language learner proficiency assessments to January 1, 2019. The bill would also require CDE to recommend and for the State Board to adopt by July 2, 2022, best practices for the reclassification of English language learners. Your input is needed. ACSA is requesting feedback from our Region regarding what Districts are currently using as reclassification criteria and what members recommend that the state adopts as criteria. No action was taken.
  • AB 2350 (O’Donnell) English Learner Access to Courses- This bill would require English language development coursework to be taken concurrently with a full course load. It would prohibit the prevention of carrying a full course load while enrolled in an English language development class. The bill would create a statewide mandate. After discussion, the Committee voted to Support AB 2350.
  • AB2680 (Bonilla) Parent Engagement- This bill would allocate one-time funding to LEAs to support meaningful parent and family engagement in schools. As a condition of receiving the funds, LEAs would be required to develop and adopt a plan that addresses the trainings of parents. These additional funds are intended to supplement funds used by LEAs for family engagement and requires these new funds to be used by the 2018-19 school year. After discussion, the Committee voted to “Watch” AB 2680. This bill is a political football with both PTA and CSBA support. The Committee believed that the intent of the policy is solid, but that it would divert Prop 98 funds from the K-12 System and create an addition LEA required plan to create. Staff believes that the 1 Billion appropriation attached to the bill will prevent its passage.
  • SB 1050 (de Leon) College Readiness-This bill would establish the College Readiness Subject Matter Project at UC to provide K-12 public school staff PD to improve “A-G” course completion rates and use one-time funding for a K-12 College Readiness Block Grant for LEAs. The bill would require UCs, as a condition of receiving any enrollment funding in the 2016 State Budget, to increase admissions of low-income, English learner and/or foster youth to schools. After discussion, the Committee voted to “Watch” SB 1050. Members expressed concerns regarding an additional “pull” on Prop 98 monies and the bill’s focus on high schools and the UC system with little attention given to the CSU schools. Staff believed that this bill will get “traction” due to Senator de Leon’s support.
Staff believed that it was important that all members of the Legislative Policy Committee review and agree upon a position for these pieces of legislation rather than relying on the work of a subcommittee. Following this work as a group, members addressed legislation assigned to their sub-committee. You may access each of the three subcommittees reports from the day through the following link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_Eeg2CABuBqX2VLNGI3SlUzZU0

The day ended with a legislative report on the teacher shortage and a brief review of the number of bills proposed in an attempt to address the issue.

The Legislative Policy Committee will meet again on May 12. I encourage you to share your thoughts or questions regarding any legislation with me so that I can better represent Region 7. You may contact me via email at jtidball@mtwain.k12.ca.us or by phone at 209-736-1858.

Thank you,

Julia Tidball

Legislative Policy Committee