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Middle Grades

October 6, 2016

posted Oct 7, 2016, 8:50 AM by Kristi Kirsch

The Middle Grades Council met using WebX on October 6. This year, the MGC will be focusing on CTE, technology in the classroom, Social and Emotional Learning and expanding regional networks.The MGC is now using Schoology to disseminate information, communicate between regions and to share resources applicable to middle school education.
We are excited about the November Leadership Summit in San Diego with a strand of Middle-Grades presentations including technology focusing on groups and middle grades connections and examples, CTE and credentialing implications, as well as middle school and high school mathematics and new laws and their implications.
The MGC will be meeting on November 9th and will focus on designated topics as well as ESSA updates.
We like ok forward to another great year of supporting strong middle grades teaching and learning.

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