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Board Report for the Week of July 29, 2013

posted Aug 3, 2013, 4:31 PM by ACSA Region 7   [ updated Aug 1, 2017, 9:52 PM ]
From Wes Smith, Executive Director

ACSA News Clips
We're excited to launch a new tracking and showcasing system for ACSA news clips next month. You'll soon start to receive a daily email from ACSA Communications with a compilation of news articles highlighting ACSA and major education issues. As you review ACSA's daily clips, you'll notice that ACSA and its members are being recognized regularly in the media for excellent leadership. One of the benefits of this new media tracking system is that we're using it to reach out to members and potential members who are mentioned in the clips. It's great to connect with our members and potential members with an encouraging note from ACSA. We're also tracking ACSA's overall media coverage, responding to the latest news with our ACSA spin, and using Twitter, Facebook and email to share media highlights that help publicize our work. We think you'll enjoy this news service, and we're happy to have your feedback. Please email your questions or recommendations to Cary Rodda at or Emily Senecal at

Strategic Plan Update
After more than a year of planning and member input, ACSA is energized to implement the 5-year Strategic Plan adopted by the Board earlier this week. We got the word out to our members on the Board’s action in an email blast Thursday and on the front page of the August 5 edition of EdCal. Our Phase I implementation plan (years 1 and 2) focuses on all nine strategic areas and the following 18 action plans to achieve ACSA's mission and objectives:

Strategy I: We will be the authoritative advocates for all matters pertaining to education and its leaders.

  1. State and Federal leaders will turn to ACSA for opinions and advice on educational matters.
  2. The organization actively seeks common ground among its members and partners.
  3. ACSA members and our education partners will capitalize and communicate their common voice in advocating for all students.
  4. The members of our organization are informed, trained and mobilized in advocacy efforts to improve public education.
Strategy II: We will be the premier provider of an array of compelling learning experiences dedicated to developing the capacity of all education leaders.


Provide certificated and classified educational leaders with a wide variety of high quality learning experiences that: are specifically aligned and coordinated throughout the ACSA professional development systems that build on each other and are connected by similar strands; build capacity in both individuals and teams; are relevant to 21st century learning experiences and applicable to the needs of all educational leaders; and focus on educational equity.

Strategy III: We will initiate and build dynamic alliances with others of common purpose.

  1. Develop what ACSA can bring to the table rather than “how can ACSA benefit” (it has to be reciprocal).
  2. Create a comprehensive marketing campaign that is organizationally friendly and appealing to other groups to make it a win/win situation.
Strategy IV: We will build and sustain vibrant, purposeful networks of educational communities.

  1. All new educational leaders and aspiring educational leaders are aware of the services of ACSA and the benefits of membership.
  2. Members virtually connect with other members as well as a larger community of educational leaders on any topic at anytime.
Strategy V: We will be the originator and source for inspiring and creating new concepts of learning and teaching.


ACSA members will become the leaders who advocate and educate others to rethink traditional learning approaches such as the impact of brain-based research, the impact of diversified teaching, Common Core Standards, 21st Century learning and open learning systems 24/7.

Strategy VI: We will boldly brand and aggressively market our identity.

  1. The general public develops a greater awareness of and appreciation for the role school leaders play in a successful education system; ACSA issues and members are highlighted in a positive way by the state’s news media.
  2. Policymakers understand the challenges facing school leaders and are willing to consider legislation that benefits students, educators and their communities. ACSA’s role in the legislative process and its policy perspectives are clearly communicated and widely shared. ACSA lobbies effectively for its desired policy outcomes.
  3. School leaders throughout the state receive timely information about ACSA services through a variety of formats.
  4. ACSA has a prominent voice in local communities, the public forum and the education community.
Strategy VII: We will cultivate transformational technologies in all aspects of our work.

  1. Incorporate more technology in ACSA Academies, workshops and conferences.
  2. Develop a Comprehensive Membership Database System.
  3. Develop a social media job alike web presence.
  4. Promote ACSA Online Professional Learning Community.
Strategy VIII: We will change our organization from its present structure to constantly evolving formations.

A governance task force will determine an organizational structure that can operationalize the strategic plan.

Strategy IX: We will dedicate our budget, resources and assets to accomplishment of our mission and objectives.

Through implementation, ACSA’s budget, resources and assets will be aligned to achieve the mission and objectives.

Local Control Funding Formula Regional Input Sessions
ACSA Governmental Relations is sending out weekly reminders to our members regarding the importance of participating in the upcoming LCFF Regional Input Sessions.Please find attached information about the upcoming Local Control Funding Formula Regional Input Sessions with new information about an option for online viewing of the August 12th session.

Also, please note that a new email address ( has been created where all LCFF related comments to the State Board of Education and questions regarding LCFF outreach activities can be sent.