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Student Services and Special Education

Student Services & Special Education Council

September 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Sue Periera, ACSA Liaison, retired. Her position was replaced by Margaret Arthofer.
Benay Loftus, new State SELPA Liaison

Action Items 
  • Approval of April 20, 2018 minutes
  • New Council Secretary assignment filled by Eli Gallup.
  • Bylaws Committee provided information on updated Bylaws.
Discussion Items:
  • Margaret Arthofer, secretary, reviewed the Council Orientation Guide 2018-2019. This guide is the organization and structure of ACSA. All Council general information can be found in this guide.
  • President Elect Nominations were announced. Tim Calkins discussed the Council President application process.
  • Craig Helmstedter, ACSA Board member, reviewed the Strategic Plan and the three focus areas; member development and support, advocacy and influence, and organizational development and support.
  • Rebecca Berg reported on plan for communications and technology to support at the ECC symposium; radios and call signs. 
  • Tatia Davenport, Senior Director of Marketing and Communication for ACSA reported out on the use of the new, relevant, resource hub. 
  • Kristin Wright, State Special Education Director, reported about a national discussion on Special Education and Charter Schools, focusing on equity and diversity. Kristen and her team are looking into the impact and possible responses to collecting data from districts and what to do when data is not returned resulting in having CA data sets that do not include all districts. Kristen asked for input from the Council. 
Legislative Updates:
  • Kathy McBride, ACSA Governmental Relations provided updates on legislation being endorsed, budget outlook and revision dates, CA Grant programs, and other items crossing the Governor’s desk.
  • Adonai Mach provided Federal government updates and what discussions were happening in DC.
  • Plans for the ACSA Every Child Counts Symposium, February 13-15, 2019 at Anaheim Marriot were discussed and subcommittees and responsibilities were determined. Each ACSA Region was asked to donate $100 gift card for raffle.
Reports were provided by the following:
Board of Directors – Craig Helmstedter
State SELPA Director – Benay Loftus
State Charter SELPA – Ginese Quann
CA Association of School Psychologists – Doug Siembieda
CA Association of Pupil Personnel Administrators – Drew Sotelo
Council for Exceptional Children (CASE) – Shaen Hosie 

Next Student Services and Special Education Council meeting will be:
Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 12:00-4:00 pm, Anaheim Marriott Hotel