Friday, September 20, 2013

posted Oct 4, 2013, 10:11 AM by ACSA Region 7
    Introductions were made and members discussed ways to disseminate information back to their local regions.
(List serve, morning breakfast sessions for administrators, newsletter.)

Special guest Fred Balcom from CDE spoke in regards to issues coming through CDE at the present time. He indicated that they are extremely busy like all schools are at the beginning of the year. There are currently 4 lawsuits that are pending and CDE is having to provide large amounts of data for.

Informational Items:
    Bill on credentialing for special ed is making its way through state legislature.

LCFF workshops coming up. start oct 17 free for ACSA members options may be put into regulations.
    Regulations should be adopted by January 31st.

SB744 Community schools and day schools.
    No formal oppositions-governor may sign
    Provides due process for the families. should not be a huge change.

willful defiance- AB420
    -There are other ways to suspend kids.
    -Toolkit by ACSA to alternatives to suspensions. Online at ACSA
    -Civil rights groups pushing this legislation

AB1266 TransGender
    -allow to use facilities and access activities
    -will try to putout some guidance for districts soon

Committee to review student discipline and special education handbook (chapter 2). The committee should be ready with the chapter for the Symposium in Monterey.

Goals and Objectives
    -Need to have a commonality with what we all use in CA. Three groups trying to create in order to be uniformed. (ACSA,SELPA, Districts)

Hot Topics Committee
    -Forming a new committee to develop some policies. Committee asked if there were any hot topics that may need to be considered as they move forward.

Common Core
    Would general ed leading charge with special ed, ELL and universal design

Members were asked to be the monitors for the different sessions at the ACSA Symposium in Monterey.
    - Each region was asked to supply $100 gift cards or baskets for Symposium.

CTC Reactor Group discussed

CTC wants to separate out different credentials:
    PE special authorization
    Admin credential-test? how long one needs to be a teacher before an administrator?

Meeting adjourned

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