Superintendents' Council Meeting - Dave Garcia, Region 7 Representative

posted Oct 29, 2017, 7:55 PM by ACSA Region 7   [ updated Feb 25, 2018, 11:59 AM ]
The ACSA Superintendent Council held its first meeting of 2017-2018 in Sacramento. This council consists of 50 members, of which 38 are current Superintendents. Each of ACSA’s 19 regions is represented by a Superintendent from that region, and each regional representative serves a three-year term. Therefore, our first order of business was to welcome new council members and outline the purposed and function of the Superintendent Council.

The purpose of the Superintendent Council was defined as follows:
• To identify and study issue related to the role and responsibilities of Superintendents and proactively advocate for solutions.
• To strengthen a network for communication among Superintendents.
• To be proactive in representing the viewpoint and vision of Superintendents on critical education issues with a view toward influencing policy and practice at the local, state, and national levels.
• To plan strategies and practices which will influence the quality of education for all California students.
• To voice the critical need for stable, sound finance for educating California’s children.
• To represent Superintendents in ACSA’s relations with the Governor’s office, Legislature, and State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
• To plan and coordinate professional development activities to enhance professional development of administrators and all school district positions.
• To encourage the active participation of Superintendents and all other management team members in ACSA.
• To maintain a liaison relationship with AASA and other organizations and agencies.

The Council President, Gregory Franklin Ed.D. – Tustin Unified School District, opened the floor to solicit and identify ‘pressing issues’. Much of that conversation was focused on the current construct of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Some members felt as though the current LCFF format has create ‘winner districts’ and ‘loser districts’. The districts categorized as ‘winner districts’ were those receiving supplemental and concentration dollars. The districts categorized as ‘loser districts’ were those not receiving supplemental and concentration dollars. Superintendent representatives shared examples of ‘loser districts’ within their region that were facing lay-offs due to no increased funding in conjunction with increased expenditures such as Health Care contributions, STRS contributions and PERS contributions. Another example shared of hard-ship within ‘loser districts’ was that teachers were leaving ‘loser districts’ to work in ‘winner districts’ thereby creating hard to fill vacancies. As one might imagine, there were very strong feelings on both sides of this issue.

Following the LCFF discussion, the Superintendent Council was joined by Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) Candidate Tony Thurmond. Thurmond launched is Campaign for SPI in April 2017. He pledged to improve and defend public education. He said, “Improving public education is my top priority. That’s why I passed legislation to provide millions of dollars to school districts to keep kids in school and out of the criminal justice system.” He vowed to ‘fight the Trump Agenda to gut our public schools at every step’ and added ‘California needs to be ready to fight the crisis head on’. Thurmond is currently a member of the Assembly and he serves on the Education Committee where he has advanced legislation that reduces truancy, empowers teachers, addresses mental health and expands access to career and technical education. Should you want more information in regards to how much ACSA and Thurmond have been aligned regarding past legislation and educational issue, feel free to contact ACSA staff members Edgar Zazueta and/or Laura Preston. Another candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction (SIP), Marshall Tuck, is scheduled to join the Superintendent Council meeting in November. After speaking with all SIP candidates, ACSA will be scheduling and hosting a question and answer forum for all the SIP candidates some time in 2018.

ACSA staff member Adonai Mack will have a new position within ACSA. He will be an ACSA representative / lobbyist at the Federal level in Washington D.C. Adonai will spend his time between California and Washington D.C. advocating for ACSA interests, public education and students within California.

Governor Brown began signing legislation into law on July 10, 2017 and will conclude signing legislation into law on October 15, 2017. ACSA will be creating and distributing to ACSA membership a legislative update for all ‘newly signed’ legislation sometime this fall.

The Council received an Ed Services Update. Members are encouraged download the ACSA app. Within that app, there is an Educational Services link which includes the following informational options:

• ACSAtv
• Advocacy
• Career Center
• Professional Learning
• Member Services
• Newsroom
• Publications
• Regions & Charters
• Strategic Plan

The next Superintendents Council will be on November 1, 2017 at the ACSA Leadership Summit in San Jose.