Superintendents' Council Meeting - Dave Garcia, Region 7 Representative

posted Feb 25, 2018, 12:07 PM by ACSA Region 7

 My name is David Garcia.  In addition to being the Superintendent in the Empire Union School District, I serve as ACSA Region VII representative on the Superintendents Council.  Recently, I attended the recent 2017/2018 ACSA Superintendents Council meeting in Monterey.  The purpose of my attending the meetings is to report back information from every council meeting to ACSA Superintendents within Region VII, solicit input and return that input to the council. 

 Below is the minutes / notations for each agenda item from yesterday’s Council meeting.  Attachments for certain agenda items are attached above, and those attachments may be mass produced for you to use needed.  If you have any questions or if would like further clarification for something you’ve read, please send me an email.  Please remember, Superintendent’s from each ACSA region able to request placement of any topic onto a Superintendents Council agenda for discussion and/or clarification.  If there is a pressing educational issue within your district that you would like input and feedback from the council, please send it to me and I’ll present it to the council.


ACSA Superintendents’ Council 
January 24, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m.

Mentor Program - ACSA will provide a mentor to any new administrator within first three years for any administrative position within an organization. The new admin will be paired with a veteran administrator to have a “talking/thinking partner”. There is on-line access to research and sign up for the program. This is a free program.

Strategic Plan - Scarlett Vanyi reported that ACSA is working on the development of the strategic plan. There is a draft framework and mission statement which will be reviewed in February. There is a survey to complete to get input.

Identification of Pressing Issues –
·Where are we working with STRS?
·Marijuana issues?

CTE funding - Since the inception of LCFF there has been discussion of what we should do about CTE. There has been a push from the field indicating that since LCFF CTE has been hurt by the funding model. The grant that was created to address issues died this year. The Gov.’s budget purposely has CTE dollars but they don’t go directly to school districts you have to be accessed through the community colleges.

The biggest question is how should we treat CTE? Should CTE be an exception to the local control efforts. ACSA is seeking input. There is legislation to extend the grant CTE funding for an additional three years. There are questions around who should be eligible for this funding? Should it only go to existing programs or open to others who would like to access the dollars? This legislation would not have to be accessed through the community colleges. The heart of the issue. . Should CTE funding be separate and/or additional to any other funding. There will be more to follow in future meetings.

 Legal Update –

 DACA case - we should know within weeks what the outcome will be for DACA.

There was a victory in the district court that ACSA was a participant. There is an attempt to go directly to the Supreme Court. If it goes directly there it will most likely be defeated. It would be more beneficial to go to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal instead of going to the Supreme Court.

In addition to DACA there is an urgency to increase the spending caps in order to keep non-defense spending funded and moving forward.

Sanctuary Jurisdiction case - ACSA is involved in that case since schools were included in the idea of having safe schools. A judge issued a nationwide injunction. It continues in the Ninth Circuit

Pension Cases - Three cases dealing with the changes that effect people who were already in the system. The changes were challenged. An appellate decision that pension rights could be taken away if a reasonable pension is in place. The California Rule says that you can’t take pension away without replacing it with something comparable. The court ruled that it could be changed.

 If the employee had a reasonable expectation of what was earned it can’t be taken away. 

The Governor does not have empathy for what school districts are experiencing with the STRS/PERS issues. 

 Literacy case filed in LA - Names schools in LA, Stockton, Inglewood. It was filed in early December. There have been some delays in the courts. The case has not yet moved. The case cites that in the three schools the academic achievement is so low. They deliberately included a charter school to engage some entities. There are accusations that the state knows where there are problems and the state isn’t doing anything about it.

 Janis Case is coming in late February which addresses agency fee. There are enough votes on the Supreme Court to get rid of agency fee. The opinion will probably come out in June. It probably won’t impact the November election because it takes a little time for implementation within each state.

  • ACSA announced that it will endorse Marshall Tuck. ACSA has developed talking points regarding the talking points.
  • The ACSA Board has decided to wait on an endorsement for Governor. 
  • State Budget - we need to work with a “task force” to develop a plan for future funding and we need to work on messaging. 
  • System of support - CCEE wants input to address the needs of Districts in support. 
  • SBAC - Over concerns regarding SBAC results there is information provided by CDE clarifying why the results showed what they did. 
Thank you,
David E. Garcia
Superintendent - Empire Union School District
ACSA Region VII – Superintendent Council Representative