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ACSA 101

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Below are a series of webcasts created by ACSA leaders and staff on topics such as ACSA structure, roles and responsibilities, awards and legislative action.

ACSA 101 Webcasts

  • ACSA 101: The Role of Our Leaders
    Presentation highlighting ACSA governance structure, the role of ACSA leaders, revenue sources and a guide to communicating ACSA's message. (6 min.)
  • Region Presidents and State ACSA
    A helpful guide for region presidents, providing information on scheduling meetings, the Delegate Assembly, Legislative Action Day and tips for successful region leadership. (6 min.)
  • Awards Program Overview
    Overview of the annual statewide Awards Program. Topics include a timeline of the program, where to find helpful resources and important information about nominations. (11 min.)
  • How to Access Your Region's Membership Roster
    Quick tutorial on accessing membership rosters for region leaders. (2.5 min.)
  • Vice Presidents for Legislative Action: Roles in ACSA
    An introduction to ACSA's 19 Vice Presidents for Legislative Action: who they are, what they do, and their responsibilities and purpose. Topcis covered include Legislative Action Day, the PAC and the candidate endorsement process. (9 min.)
  • Legislative Policy Committee Overview
    Brief overview of the Legislative Policy Committee. Topics include the committee's purpose, operating rules and procedures, the Legislative Priorities Survey, annual statistics, and staff contact information by issue area. (5 min.)